It's officially September, which means Kotaku Selects is about to get overrun by Grand Theft Auto V articles, or at least that's my prediction. So before that happens, go check out what else we have to say about games and other stuff.

Can we still make 2DS jokes? It's not too late, is it? I tweeted this picture—created by paychiri and found by fariflux—some time soon after Nintendo announced the 2DS, but I was too busy with PAX to remember it for last weekend, so here it is today.


I played with the 2DS at PAX actually. At first I was like, "What do I do with my hands?"

And then I got the hang of it and realized how mouse-clicky the shoulder buttons sounded/felt. Odd for a new Nintendo handheld, not that I mean it as a negative. Just that I've gotten used to the softer, thicker-feeling pull of those triggers. It definitely felt like a cheap, child alternative to the 3DS but let me tell you: Once you go 3DS XL you never go back. Unless you're a poor child, I guess.

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