Good morning, Kotaku! How're you all this weekend? I'm fabulous because I'm in Austin visiting my brothers, and that is a very, very good thing. We had some previews this week, Zac Gorman returned with a funny comic, Evan checked out NYU's No Quarter event where he talked to the creator of QWOP about his next game, we introduced retro reviews that we kicked off with Jason's analysis of Super Mario World, and I introduced you all to my new Ask Kotaku advice column (ask me stuff!). A fun week, all in all. Unless you hate EA and love Star Wars, that is. You can find all these articles and others from the week over at Kotaku Selects.


As for the image up top? Those legendary heroes on a pretty, polka-dotted background is the work of Andrew Hiro-Hideki, and it was brought to my attention thanks to the lovely Ms. Mallory over at Insanely Gaming. Have a good one, guys!

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