Man, what a week! Stephen was out this week so things were a little busier than usual. We also introduced a new review sidebar that we're considering tweaking still (suggestions are always welcome!). All of our best content from this week, and the one previous, can be found at our new Kotaku Selects home.

But at the end of each day, it was a week that was really difficult to focus on video games, even when it's your job to do so.

I've been a little bit more liberal with what I round up on Kotaku Selects, but it still represents a diverse selection of our best, most interesting, funny and sometimes silly content.

And if you're wondering about that delightful Tomb Raider GIF up top, it's by Dan Hipp. His Tumblr is full of amazing work, you guys should really check it out. Bright colors, subtle movement, and a great sense of design.