Those who haven’t reached the game’s previous big baddie, the super-powerful, balding, bearded, and geriatric Hulk known as Maestro, can still encounter Dormammu in the game as a random boss appearing occasionally in three of the game’s lower level zones. I took my level 100 Spider-Man to battle a level 39 version of the villain in the Xandearth area, and he went down like a chump.

Marvel heroes battle Dormammu in a screenshot from Marvel Future Revolution.
He nearly went down too fast for this screenshot, but I excel at taking pictures of Spider-Man.
Screenshot: Netmarble / Kotaku

With Dormammu’s new zone come new stat-enhancing Omega Cards to collect, and every playable character can collect a special Dark Dimension costume so they can dress up for a night out in Evil Magic Town. Each character can also collect pieces of a fancy new Eyes of Osiris region costume. Here’s my Spider-Man modeling the Ancient Egyptian-themed outfit.

Spider-Man wearing a black and jade Egyptian-themed costume from Future Revolution.
Swing like an Egyptian.
Screenshot: Netmarble / Kotaku

I must admit, I was a little skeptical when my coworker Zack wrote that Marvel Future Revolution was better put together than Square Enix’s big-budget Marvel’s Avengers, but that was before I played the mobile MMO obsessively every day for a month. Mashing up bits of Marvel’s multiverse is always a good time. Plus, the speed of this update hopefully indicates that there won’t be huge gaps between new content drops like other Marvel games I could name. All we need now is a playable Black Panther and Marvel Future Revolution will be golden.