The Best Games of 2010 Were...

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The Game Developers Choice Awards gives developers a chance to say which games they like best. This year it seems what they liked best was Red Dead Redemption.


A close second? Minecraft.

Now that's a fucking great year for games. Here's the full list of winners:

Best Audio
Red Dead Redemption

Best Debut Game

Best Writing
Mass Effect 2

Best Game Design
Red Dead Redemption

Best Downloadable Game

Best Visual Arts

Best Technology
Red Dead Redemption

Best Handheld Game
Cut The Rope

Innovation Award

Game of the Year
Red Dead Redemption

Special Categories
Ambassador Award: Tim Brengle & Ian MacKenzie
Pioneer Award: Yu Suzuki
Lifetime Achievement Award: Peter Molyneux

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How the fuck did Mass Effect 2 get best writing? We're talking about a game that couldn't even plausibly explain why everyone acted like he'd done nothing but cry wolf, and wouldn't believe him when he said "there are more evil robots out there, just like this one. Also, I've actually landed on another semi-dead one. Oh, and the geth still want to murder you, and whole colonies are being abducted by insectoid aliens working for the robots!"

The plot had numerous problems, and there were cringe-inducing moments like the whole "you're talking to a GOD" bit, or the "work for us/no/work for us/okay" encounter at the beginning of the game.

Good writing was conspicuously absent in Mass Effect 2. And it was really iffy in Red Dead, where good writing would suddenly be supplanted by bad, and characters would deviate substantially from Western genre conventions and break into thinly-veiled rants against the current United States government.

Also, I'm glad someone other than myself thinks Red Dead has the best audio.

I wish Alan Wake, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and Halo: Reach had gotten some love. They all deserved it, and were all nearly flawless titles.