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And by "best", I don't mean most awesome. This is no Vii. No, by "best" I mean most slavish attention to detail, because these Wii Remotes and Nunchuks aren't trying to look like the Wii's peripherals. They're trying to be the Wii's peripherals. Though restricted to Asian markets (for now), from the outside these knock-offs look near-identical to the real thing, and it's only when you crack them open and compare them to actual peripherals that you can tell the difference. YYJoy have a neat guide up showing you how to spot the difference: a good read if you're in the market for Wii controllers and are also the type to succumb to the lure of cheap online shopping.


组装来袭—组装Wii遥控器和摇杆手柄评测 [YYJoy, via Wii Fanboy]

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