The Best Damn Video Game Trailer I've Seen This Week

Trailers are often criticised these days for showing little, or even no gameplay footage. It's a fair complaint, but also one that should be shelved, at least temporarily, for this clip.


Sure, it's a trailer for the upcoming Need For Speed: Most Wanted, but it's also a Freddie Wong video, and one which should be watched even if you've never played, or enjoyed, a Need for Speed game in your life.

Why? Because remote control police car chase, that's why.

The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever [Freddie Wong]

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I'm still not sure how I feel about this game. I mean, I LOVED the original Most Wanted....and also love Burnout games, which this seems to play like..but, most of what made Most Wanted so good in the first place, doesn't seem to be there. The original had a great story for a racing game, that wasn't really done before, not to mention car customizing that, to this day, seems to only be 2nd to Forza's. Neither of those features have been shown in anything I've seen...anybody have some solid info on this? I'd appreciate it.