The Best Cosplay From Anime Expo, The Hottest Show Of 2018

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Anime Expo is one of the biggest nerd shows of the year, but this year it was also the hottest. Literally. Held between July 5-8 in LA, temperatures soared during the con to reach well over 100 degrees, which wreaked havoc with cosplayers and attendees alike.

For anyone just visiting the show, those are gross conditions to be walking around a crowd of tens of thousands of people! For cosplayers, though, it was even worse, because not only was it super uncomfortable to be wearing leather/foam/cardboard/makeup in that heat, but it was so hot that some costumes simply came apart.

Still, folks persevered. In the scorching daytime conditions, when many could only stand to be in their outfits for an hour or two, they still managed to have some fun and mingle, while also taking advantage of the cooler nighttime conditions to have some shoots and party.

Mineralblu was there taking photos and video (which really shows off the heat) for Kotaku, the best of which you can see below. You can check out even more at his Facebook page.