The Best Conversations We Had In 2012

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Playing video games is a lot of fun. Kind of goes without saying, right? But talking about games is just as much fun, if not even more so.


Here at Kotaku, we writers don't get enough opportunities to publish the arguments conversations we have amongst ourselves. But very so often, we'll pull together a good two-way or three-way discussion, and almost always have a lot of fun with it. I thought I'd round up the best Kotaku conversations of 2012 below.

We Like Kid Icarus: Uprising So Far, Because It's Weird.

Stephen and I talked about Kid Icarus: Uprising, and I tried to get my fevered mind around the game. More »

Gears, Gods, And Giant Robots: A Look Back At One Of The Best RPGs Ever

Jason and Kate took a long look back at the great Xenogears. More »

Why We Love Our Commander Shepard


Evan, Kate and I talked about our respective Commander Shepards, and why we love them. More »

Assassin's Creed III Is A Bummer! No, It's Not! Let's Talk This Out.


Stephen and I had very different takes on the game, so of course, we decided to duke it out. Over Twitter, no less. And then in the comments. More »

One Assassin's Creed III Debate To Rule Them All


After all that discussion and debate, it seemed worth it to really throw down and hash out our post-game impressions of Assassin's Creed III, the year's most divisive game. More »

Burning Questions

Jason and I did a lot of "Burning Questions" conversation posts, where we talked about pretty much whatever we wanted. Here they all are.


Old Is New: This Year's Best Games Are All About The Classics


2012 was a year when games went back to basics; it almost felt like it was the mid-90s all over again. Why did it happen? Who knows, but we'll take it. More »

Why We Love Stealth Games


We love stealth games, and there were a lot of good ones in 2012. But what makes 'em so great? More »

Persona 4 Golden: The Kotaku Review


Jason: Hey, Kirk. So you're playing Persona 4 Golden, and I'm playing Persona 4 Golden, and we both have lots of things to say about Persona 4 Golden. More »

Which TV Shows Would Make The Best Video Games?


Basically just an excuse to rage about how much we love Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights. More »

Should Video Game Fans Care More About Sports?


That age-old question. More »

From Skyrim to Mass Effect: Is DLC Ever Worthwhile?


Aah yes, the DLC question. This was also the only time we tried to do one of these posts in the comments. It worked… okay. More »

Why Do We Love StarCraft II More Than Diablo III?


Two Blizzard games: One's great, one's just okay. Why? More »

Can Nintendo Convince Us To Care About The Wii U?


Neat as the Wii U is, jury's still out on this one. More »

Which Video Game Controller Is Best? No, Seriously. Which?


Jason prefers the PS3 controller. Ew. Can you imagine? More »

Is It Possible To Play Games Without Being a Total Shut-In?


Games and life aren't always compatible. Let's talk about why. More »

Why Do Boss Fights Even Exist?


Boss fights, amiright? More »

Why Is Skyrim's World Better Than Amalur's? (And Other Burning RPG Questions)


One game's world feels interesting. The others feels boring. Why? More »

Why Is Mitsuru So Hot? (And Other Burning Persona 3 Questions)


The first Burning Questions ever was all about Persona 3. More »

But of course, the conversations we had were only part of the story—there were also so many conversations that went on beneath every article. Articles like this one! Feel free to talk about talking about stuff, or just talk about whatever you'd like. And hey, from the look of things, 2013 should be a fine year for conversations, indeed.



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