The Best Character Creation Tool, Now Available Without Its Game

Enough reading about Black Desert Online’s amazing character creation tool—it’s time to play with it. Ahead of next month’s second closed beta test, Daum Games has released a standalone version of its character creation tools you can download for free.

PC gamers can just hit up the Black Desert Online character creation tool download page, grab the install file, download nearly seven gigabytes of data and go to town. Feel free to share your work in the comments.

Here’s a character creation hype video accompanying the release of the tool, demonstrating why this should be downloaded and played with.

The second and final closed beta test for Black Desert Online’s Western debut will happen on February 18. Character designs in the creation tool can be saved and used in the game proper, so if you want to see your creation come to life, then would be a good time.


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The bigger question is can the characters be exported* to traditional 3D animation programs. That would be huge. Being able to use this creation tool to quickly prototype placeholder characters for Unreal 4 or Unity would be amazing.

*Alternative to an export, the character models could just be in a format that people are familiar with porting to other model manipulation tools.