The Best Blizzard Fan Art of 2011

Blizzcon wasn't only about Blizzard games. It was also about Blizzard fans. There were contests, such as the amazing costume competition. But they weren't the only fan creations that dazzled.


The Blizzcon 2011 Fan Art Contest celebrated the stunning illustrations and paintings Blizzard fans drew, inked, and sketched, whether that be with pencils or tablets.

Check out the best of the best in the gallery. Congrats to all the winners!

Fan Art Contest [Blizzard]

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The first place winner was artist Chaoyuan Xu for the work "Diablo III". First place netted One Dell UltraSharp U3011 30" Monitor with PremierColor, and one ticket to BlizzCon 2011. Visit Choayuan's site here.


The second place winner was artist Sang Han for "Shades of Azeroth", who received a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 video card, a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS5, and one ticket to BlizzCon 2011. Visit Sang's site here.


Coming in third place was Kotaku reader Toby Lewin, a concept artist. His Diablo III art is above, and a larger version is in the gallery. Lewin received a ticket to BlizzCon 2011 as well as Adobe Photoshop CS5. Visit Toby's site here.

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