The Beautifully Blocky Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Launches Worldwide May 27

Screenshot: D#Publisher

Voxel soldiers battle the giant voxel insect aliens invading their voxel planet in Earth Defense Force: World Brothers. This colorful new take on the beloved budget shooter series is launching across all regions on May 27 for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.


World Brothers is a stylized love letter to D3Publisher’s long-running series, a somewhat lighthearted take on a bunch of already relatively lighthearted games about humans being attacked by giant ants and spiders. Fans of the series can expect tons of references to older games, from retired character classes to classic weapons and enemies, along with some new stuff as well.

All three versions support online co-op play for up to four players. The Switch version can also do four-player local LAN play, while the PS4 supports two-player splitscreen. Here’s a trailer. It’s very pretty.

I love this dumb series, and I can’t wait to screw around with this new voxel version. Hopefully the voxels will make the spiders less frightening. Probably not.

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