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The Beautiful Mobile Game That Never Was

The road to video game greatness is paved with unfinished projects and half baked ideas. Simogo, the tiny studio behind many revered mobile games including Beat Sneak Bandit, Year Walk, and Device 6 reminded us of that today with a short tease of a video about one of their earliest prototypes. It's a game called Brisby & Donnovan, and it has the same weird mixture of macabre artwork and quirky humor that the two man team brought to their later work—i.e. the stuff they actually finished.


Sadly, it sounds like this one won't make it off the drawing board. Simogo's own Simon Flesser said that the game is technically owned by Southend, the now defunct studio they were still working at when they whipped up the prototype.

Don't get too sad, though. Flesser also said that he and his co-developer Magnus Gardebäck "already have something beautiful" in their next game. Seeing how they made one of Kotaku's all time favorite iPad games, I'm inclined to believe them.


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Maybe I'm not seeing it. To me this looked like an ugly, cluttered mess of a game. I guess it just appeals to different tastes.