One of the few things that wasn't computer-generated in the recent Hobbit movies was all the sweet Middle Earth calligraphy, which was done by the same artist responsible for the most of the books (and maps) of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

That man is artist Daniel Reeve (via Laughing Squid), who did all kinds of work for Peter Jackson's six Tolkien films, from Bilbo's famous book to his enormous burglar's contract to fonts.

You can see more of Daniel's work (and buy prints) at his personal site.

A map of Middle Earth, drawn for the original LotR trilogy.


Bilbo's contract. Yes, he had to write the whole thing.

Reeves didn't just draw the map from the Hobbit, he also drew these Elvish runes that appear in outside Erebor.


All this work and you barely even notice it; this hangs on a wall in Rivendell, in the background.


Some fonts drawn up for The Hobbit.