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The Beatles: Rock Band Site Slowly Fills With Instruments

Illustration for article titled The Beatles: Rock Band Site Slowly Fills With Instruments

The teaser site for The Beatles: Rock Band is slowly filling with the band's signature instruments, perhaps giving us a hint at what's coming in the game's $250 premium bundle.


As I understand it, the Ludwig drum set favored by Ringo was already up there, and has recently been joined by the Epiphone Casino, the guitar The Beatles made famous, which has been used by George, Paul, and John at some point during the band's history. Could this be a hint at what comes packed in the extremely expensive premium box set? Could I have been right in my suggestion that the Casino be included with the package to complete the Beatles experience? I suppose there's a first time for everything.


I suppose that at the very least it tells us that the classic instruments will at least figure into the game somehow, because otherwise they wouldn't be popping up on that there web page.

The Beatles Rock Band [Official Site - Thanks John!]

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5th thing to show up: Yoko Ono.

Then all the instruments disappear