The Bats Vs. Jokerz War Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor

The battle between the vigilante Bats and the villainous Jokerz gets the DC Entertainment animation treatment in this short but sweet trailer for Gotham City Impostors.

Say what you will about its comics and live-action movies; DC is at the top of their game when it comes to animation. Every single animated feature that's come out of the DC has been pure gold lately, and you can see traces of that quality here in this brief encounter between these neighbors by day, sworn enemies by night.

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Sweet, that was like a cracked-out version of the old Looney Toons Ralph and Sam cartoons. Very cool looking.

I agree on the animation front. DC has been doing great stuff. I've pretty much liked every single DCU direct to video animated feature they've done except for Superman Doomsday. That one was a bit meh to me, but it was their first one, everything after that's been pretty great. I was really pleasantly surprised by how good the Wonder Woman one was.