Surprise, the Batmobile Likes to Shimmy

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As expected, Gotham City gets a gorgeous makeover on PS4. But what's up with Bruce Wayne's ride?

The latest glimpse of Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay shows the Dark Knight swooping over long distances and switching to the Batmobile. It might be because the game's still got a long way to go but the lateral movement on the armored crime-fighting car looks really different from that of other video game automobiles. More like a tank, really. It could very well be the kind of thing that feels normal after a few hours, though. We'll see next year.

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This is the best looking game imo of E3.. My jaw DROPPED this whole trailer.. So much detail, and the city looks HUGE! I am SO pumped for this game. Loved the intro to Scarecrow too. Very well done trailer. Game of Show for me aside Rainbow Six Siege.