Injustice is back to pit DC’s heroes (and villains) against each other in overblown 2D combat. It also put a ton of artists to work designing their own takes on the costumes, characters and environments of the comic empire’s properties.

Below you’ll find a showcase of the art that went into making the game, featuring the work of artists both employed directly at developers NetherRealm and as freelancers.

You’ll find more of their stuff at the portfolio pages linked in their names.

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West Studio

Aaron Elekes (Concept Artist)

Andrew Arconti (Senior Concept Artist)

Aren Vorhees (Technical Artist)

Thiago Gomes (Senior Environment Artist)

Bernard Beneteau (Advanced Artist, Sculptor)

Becca Hallstedt (Concept & Texture Artist)

Ian Naud (Senior Character Artist)

Matt Pierson (Environment Artist)

Angel Bedolla (3D Associate Character Artist)

Alexander Lozano (Cover Artist)

Jonathan Thompson (Advanced World Artist, Lighting)

Jason Pytko (World Artist)

Joshua Gutierrez (World Artist)

Amira Hennes (Concept Artist)

Vince Wilder

Julian Ayala