The Amazing Bruce Campbell Gets Extreme in The Amazing Spider-Man

Since his role as the ring announcer in the first Spider-Man movie, B-movie and television star Bruce "Ash" Campbell has been a fixture in the webslinger's video games. Next week's The Amazing Spider-Man is no exception.


Campbell plays an over-the-top journalist in the game, putting Spidey through his paces in a series of challenges that will task all of his radioactive spider powers.

And here I was hoping he'd take on a more subdued, dramatic role.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits stores next week.


He was the tutorial voice for the PS Spider-man game too, you know! :)

And it was awesome. If anyone has the game. Try to jump out of the building at VERY FIRST tutorial part. It's awesome what he says. XD

EDIT: Hm, or was it the movie game? Would have made more sense.