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The Activision vs Infinity Ward Of The Racing Game World

Illustration for article titled The Activision vs Infinity Ward Of The Racing Game World

Codemasters, the studio behind racing games like Dirt and the upcoming F1 2010, is taking another developer to court, accusing it of "poaching staff".


Late last year, Trevor Williams and Nick Wheelwright - former Codemasters executives - broke away from the British studio and formed their own new team, called Playground Games.

Codemasters now alleges, though, that Playground "poached" around a dozen Codemasters employees, who "had access to trade secrets and confidential information to give it a head start of about 12 months in developing and marketing games."


In total, 17 former Codemasters employees have been named in the suit, which also alleges that Playground "disrupted Codemasters' development of its own racing games".


Rival didn't play fair, claims games giant [Daily Mail]

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Hey folks, you can't stop your developers from getting new jobs - get a life!

I can't believe codemasters would actually do something like this. If things like this succeed the next step is claiming all of your workers have trade secrets, and then cutting their pay to peanut shells since they would be too afraid of the lawsuits that would entail if they tried to find another job.