Back in the early days of CD-ROM technology, there were two games everybody had to have — Myst and The 7th Guest. Myst's legacy lives on, but the horror puzzles of The 7th Guest and it's sequel, The 11th Hour, haven't gotten the same love. Perhaps The 7th Guest 3 can help, if its second crowdfunding campaign works out.

Packed with full motion video, sharp graphics (for the time) and clever puzzles, the original 7th Guest set a new bar for interactive entertainment when it was released more than 20 years ago. One of my most enduring gaming memories of that time period was that damn green cake with the skulls in the icing.

Trilobyte Games attempted to drum up money for The 7th Guest 3 last year via Kickstarter but fell short, raising only $121,000 of its $435,000 goal. The new campaign, hosted by CrowdtiltOpen, is asking for a much more modest $65,000. As of this writing, $27,000 has already been raised, with 23 days to go. The new crowdfunding platform allows Trilobyte to ask for funding in stages, with this first stage aimed towards creating a playable beta of The 7th Guest 3: The Collector.


Along with the crowdsourcing campaign, Trilobyte also announced an agreement with Angel Valley Media to license the property for television and film treatments.

"The 7th Guest is a landmark in gaming history," said Angel Valley president Matthew Lewis via press release. "Bringing Henry Stauf and the rich universe of the series to life in film was inevitable. We'll be working side-by-side with Trilobyte Games to give players a new look into Stauf's world, with new storylines and characters tightly interwoven with the game series."

Is The 7th Guest formula too dated to be successful once more, or is now the perfect time for some cheesy acting and creepy conundrums? With the new sequel aimed at PC, Mac, Linux and iOS, I'm thinking there's an audience there ready for the next generation of CD-ROM entertainment.