A few years ago, a Nintendo Wii rip-off, called the Vii, appeared in China. A couple Chinese dudes purchased one and then filmed themselves opening it up to see what was inside. There was a tiny, sole circuit board. They broke out laughing.

The inside of the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro, that add-on second circle pad, isn't that bad, but as this teardown shows, there sure isn't much inside that thing. It makes me wonder why they couldn't make the damn thing smaller—not to mention do a better job of hiding the clearly visible screws.

The Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro is available in Japan. It will be a GameStop exclusive in the U.S.


Check out Kotaku's impressions here.


3DSの拡張スライドパッドを分解すると、中身がスカスカらしい [へちま速報]