The $300 Prince Of Persia Statue

Sideshow has gone mad for Prince of Persia, revealing a statue based on the movie that's not $100. Not $200. It's $300 worth of plastic Chesty Jake.

He goes on sale on Sideshow's website on June 3, and that $300 will get you a statue that stands around 18" tall and has interchangeable arms, so you can help Prince Dastan strike a suitably heroic pose.


Does he look a little off to anyone else? Like, this is what Jake Gylenhaal would look like in Prince of Persia 4, when he was 41 years old.

UPDATE - I went and called this the Hot Toys figure, which had been previewed earlier in the week, but this piece is actually a detailed statue, not a figure. We'll bring you pictures of the Hot Toys figure when it's out.


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