The 288,945 Most Popular Websites On The Internet

Earlier this year, Alexa sat down and compiled a list of the top 1,000,000 websites in the world. Listing those sites would be good reading, but looking at a picture of the most popular ones is much cooler.

Nmap have run a script that gathered the 288,945 most popular websites from that list, stuck their icon on a page and then scaled the icons according to the popularity of the site.


The results are far from perfect - Alexa is suspect as a traffic counter, and Nmap admit their own collection efforts aren't 100% effective (Amazon, for example, being tiny) - but for the most part, things look pretty good.

While the site linked below lets you search via URL, go see if you can find Kotaku the hard way!

Favicon Chart [Nmap, via Neatorama]

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