The 15 Kinect Launch Titles Are...

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Microsoft is promising 15 games at launch for its new motion controller Kinect, which hits first in North America on November 4. Those games include Sonic Free Riders, Dance Masters, another dance based title and at least four fitness games.


Microsoft's games include Kinectimals and Joy Ride, while third parties kick out their own mini-game compilations and something from Konami known as Andrenalin Misfits.

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  • Kinect Adventures (Microsoft Game Studios)
  • Kinectimals (Frontier Studio/Microsoft Game Studios)
  • Kinect Joy Ride (Big Park/Microsoft Game Studios)
  • Kinect Sports (Rare/Microsoft Game Studios)
  • Dance Central (MTV Games)
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (Ubisoft)
  • EA Sports Active 2 (EA)
  • Deca Sports Freedom (Hudson)
  • Dance Masters (Konami)
  • Adrenalin Misfits (Konami)
  • Zumba Fitness (Majesco)
  • Sonic Free Riders (Sega)
  • The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout (THQ)
  • Motion Sports (Ubisoft)
  • Game Party: In Motion (Warner Bros.)


Kuanhung Chen

All Wii games clone.

Wii Play - Kinect Adventures

Nintendogs - Kinectimals

Mario Kart Wii - Kinect Joy Ride

Wii Sports - Kinect Sports

Just Dance - Dance Central

Wii Fit - Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Wii Sports Resort - EA Sports Active 2

Deca Sporta - Deca Sports Freedom

DDR - Dance Masters ...

See the trend yet?