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We may earn a commission from links on this page

The 10 Question Kotaku Aptitude Test

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It is not true that when you guest edit Kotaku you have to first pass a test.

If that was the case, how could you explain the fact that Carless, Bogost and Keighley all got a chance to guest-edit?

But if there was a test — if there was a serious 10-question examination given to determine just how well the guest-editor was familiar with Kotaku — I suspect it would be just like the one I "discovered" and "reprinted" below.

A warning to all you aspiring guest-editors. Do not cheat and use Google. I'll post the answers in the Day Note, if I make it that far.


Question #1

True or False: When Kotaku ran a poll in March 2006, asking readers whether Nintendo should re-name its console, then code-named the Revolution, one commenter suggested changing the name to: The Nintendo Sex.

Question #2

Match the Kotaku photo with the Kotaku Headline


1. Anti-Americanism Higher Than Its Been In A Long Time

2. New New Xbox 360 Chip Incoming!! Not Yet!!!

3. PS3 Is Way Complex

4. Gamers With Jobs Looks At Gamer Anticipation

5. Online Ads Coming To Xbox Live?

Question #3

Which of the following topics has never been mentioned in a Brian Ashcraft night note?


a) Buying a humidifier

b) The relaxing sensation of washing dishes

c) The evils of washing machines

c) The pleasures of knitting scarves

d) A yearning for Nerf products

Question #4

Which of these was not a real Kotaku headline?

a) Riccitiello: Warhammer won't rival World of Warcraft

b) McCain campaign releases facebook game: Pork Invaders

x) Totilo. Arrives. 6.23.08

y) Metareview — Lego Indiana Jones


Question #5

What color is the non-red part of Kotaku's logo?

c) Yellow

z) Green

Question #6

When Kotaku reported that Sony would be unveiling a service for the PS3 called Home, the first comment in response was:

1) ........I'm REALLY scared of what is going to happen next........Simply because of the internet's tubes being clogged by the response

2) Who cares?

3) First!

4) I hope the actual announcement is something along the lines of getting rumble in the controller or dropping the price real badwrong.


Question #7

How much time elapsed between Kotaku breaking the existence of Home, Sony blackballing Kotaku and then Kotaku and Sony making nice?


Square) 1 hour

Circle) 5 hours

Triangle) 2 days

X) 1 week

Question #8

On November 8, 2004, Brian Crecente became the new editor of Kotaku (the previous guy in charge disappeared after posting something about a power outage). Brian introduced himself in his first post. And in his second, he:

LP) Posted about flagging GameCube sales

MM) Described the pros and cons of wearing a bird shirt

LA) Mentioned a Halo 2 copy being sold on eBay

LS) Reported the City of Heroes had won an award


Question #9

If you mouse over Leigh Alexander's byline, you will discover that she is identified by the Kotaku mainframe as:

1) LeighLiLuLeLo

2) LaLiLuLeLeigh

3SnakeEater) LaLeighLuLeLo

3Subsistence) LaLiLuLeighLo


Question #10

If you work for MTV News and are lucky enough to get your work blogged about on Kotaku, someone will write the following comment (please fill in the blanks):

I'm of the opinion that ____'s opinion doesn't mean shit. It __ a paid opinion for his userbase to gain more hits and to keep his userbase going. In any case, I think I prefer uneventful weather in Texas, usually its ___ ____ ___ or windy.


Remember, test-takers... no Google! Answers will be in the Day Note.