That Was One Close Mortal Kombat X Match

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Two pro players, Xarakamaka and st9rm, played one of the best Mortal Kombat X matches I’ve recently seen last night, during the ESL Pro League Season 2 semifinals. It was full of perfect combos, block strings and last second comebacks.

They’re both character specialists at their finest, playing the same character from day one. So it’s safe to say they perfected their tactics with them. And it’s really entertaining to watch.

Here’s the full video—five awesome matches. Xarakamaka’s dominating the battleground with Liu Kang in the first half and st9rm’s getting a bit overwhelmed with Takeda. But eventually he finds his way out, comes back, and makes the second half extremely exciting.

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Came for the match, stayed for the disgustingly bad rats nest hair.