That Uncharted Fan Film Is So Beefy It's More Like Nathan Filetmignon

It’s Kotaku XP, our weekly discussion of hot game topics! This week we talk about the Game Developers of Color Expo in New York, the film Sorry to Bother You, Chance The Rapper’s opinions on Fortnite dances, the wild Sailor Moon story Kotaku did this week, and Nathan Fillion’s fan-made Uncharted movie.

In this episode, I mention that I haven’t seen the Uncharted fan film yet, because I want to watch it on my TV at some point this weekend. After taping this episode, I sat, stared at a wall, and pondered the ramifications of this. I have accepted the idea of setting aside time to watch a YouTube video on my television, in the dark, probably while enjoying a beverage. YouTube has become television.


It feels like just yesterday that YouTube videos were something to watch exclusively while wearing headphones and inhaling a protein bar at my desk while waiting for my computer to finish a complex automated task. Oh, wait, that was yesterday.

I guess what I’m saying is, wow, each of us humans sure engages in a wide variety of multimedia consumption patterns!


At the very end of last week’s episode, when Kotaku XP co-host Gita Jackson and I were talking about Scottie Pippen, you’ll notice I started to say “I have a Scottie Pippen shirt.” Well, this week, I wore that Scottie Pippen shirt. I did it for you, the viewer who heard my barely audible declaration and became fascinated with the very idea of seeing my Scottie Pippen shirt. I could have teased it for longer. I could have dropped hints about it in multiple other episodes. I could have master-crafted a suspenseful narrative arc over several weeks or months. Then I remembered you, and I thought, heck, I’ll do it right now.

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When I think Kurosawa, it’s not slice of life that springs to mind, that would be more of an Ozu thing... what movies did you have in mind Tim?