That Time When Mario And 'Evil Brother' Luigi Starred In a Racing Game

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Recent Nintendo events got us looking back at some old news clippings about the house of Mario and we found some we just have to share. Here's one of the more interesting ones from the Daily Yomiuri, from November 1992. As you'll see, we can't vouch for veracity of all of it....

The most recent game, "Mariokart," features races between Mario and his evil brother, "Luigi," on a total of 24 Formula 1-style racing circuits.

The design work for the Mariokart game software was only completed at the end of July, less than a month before the game was scheduled to make its market debut.

Ten designers and programmers involved in the development of the game software worked virtually day and night for nearly one month to meet the project deadline.

They certainly got the plot of the game wrong, but the rest of it,'s an interesting snapshot of a slightly different era of console gaming.

We do love vintage stories about the making of Mario Kart games around here. Proof!


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