That Time The Slenderman Turned Up In A Skrillex Video

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Slenderman, that terrifying faceless ghoul in a suit, has been around for a good long while before that stripped-down, scary video game Slender hopped into the public eye. He's a long-standing meme going back years, and he's turned up everywhere from the YouTube Series Marble Hornets to.. well, to a Skrillex video from last year.


In the video here, you can see ol' slendy turn up right at the 2:30 mark. At which point the freaky little girl uses his powers to wreak havoc on the stressed-looking sweaty, gross guy. Shouldn't have messed with the freaky little girl, guy.


Hey, turns out I like Skrillex videos.

Update: A reader has pointed out that the girl and the monster in the video have been generally held to be based on Annie and Nocturne from League of Legends, which adds another wrinkle to this whole video. Hey, that's kinda even cooler than if it was based on Slenderman. (Thanks, Ragweed!)

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Game Hellion

Say what you will about Skrillex, but his videos are damn entertaining.