Game On, the video game history exhibition that explores why we love games, has finally made its way to Japan. It’s an impressive collection of games and systems—from arcades to home consoles and everything in between. But the best part? Over 120 of them are playable.

But if you can’t come see it yourself in Japan (or any of the other countries Game On visits in the future), I can at least show you some of this nostalgic walk down memory lane. Check out the gallery below.

Stage 1: The Birth of Play — Computers and the New Entertainment
Computer Space
Space Wars
Stage 2: Arcade Play — Video Game Arcades
Stage 3: Play Patterns — The Diversification and Evolution of Game Design
Steel Battalion
Stage 4: Home Play — The Evolution of the Console
The Brown Box Prototype
Stage 5: Ubiquitous Play — Handheld Games and Kids
Stage 6: The Art of Play — Music, Image, and Character Design in Video Games
The Core Pokémon Series
Dragon’s Lair Cel Color Key Drawings and the Finished Cels
Stage 7: Make and Play — Indie Games as Platforms
Stage 8: Collaborative Play — Communities and Multiplayer Games
Saturn Bomberman
Next Stage: Playing the Future — Games as Reality, Reality as a Game
Gran Turismo 6
PlayStation VR

The Game On exhibition will continue its run at the Miraikan in Tokyo until May 30, 2016. Ticket information can be found here.


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