A Game About Meeting Cool Weirdos At Train Stations

Traveling for the holidays, I spent a lot of time sitting in trains and waiting on platforms. In the real world, it’s a pretty dry affair. In The Endless Express, it’s full of charm. Strange sounds play as bright trains shuttle wobbling creatures to and fro. It’s relaxing and makes for a Cool Indie Game.

The Endless Express was made by Florian Veltman, Alexandre Taillefert, Martin Gugger, Felix Meunier & Baptiste Virot. It is a reimagined version of a 2014 game jam version of the game. The updated version changes the visuals to create a softer, more pastel tone as well as a dreamier soundtrack of ambient tunes.


The concept is pretty simple. You’ve missed your train stop. Get to your ever so nebulous destination. Along the way, you’ll find frog people who quote Heavy Rain and bump into Charon, ferryman of the underworld. Each new stop is full of strange sights and fun characters.

The Endless Express also has one of my most favorite interface twists I’ve ever encountered. A press of the escape key actually summons a “portal to self” that pops up. It’s a little door that leads down to a comfortable room where you can alter game options. It’s a cute little touch of smart game design.

You can play The Endless Express on your Mac, PC, or Linux system. It’s a wonderful time and I highly recommend riding the rails.

Each week, I show off a new, affordable indie game using the tag “Heather’s Indie Pick.” It usually happens every Wednesday but I spent all of yesterday on a real train.


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Arai-the fly on the wall

That reminds me of a person I met in train in Singapore.

He was a white guy sitting in front of me. Seeing a white man in Singapore is quite common, but rarely in how he dress. He was wearing an overall and looking like he just came out from the sewer, which made him an even rarer sight since Singapore is clean AF.

I was minding my own business when in the background the train PA blaring bombing/terrorism prevention announcement: “If you see anyone suspicious, please report to an officer.”

The man looked straight at me, smiled and said, “Yep, that’s me. I’m suspicious.”