That One Kid's Adorable Cardboard Arcade Has Inspired A Global Cardboard Arcade Nonprofit

Nine-year-old Caine Monroy became an internet sensation earlier this year, when filmmaker Nirvan Mullick captured his painstakingly made cardboard arcade and posted it online for the world to see. The film went viral, and donations to Caine's college fund skyrocketed.


Many months later, young Caine has apparently provided inspiration world wide. The team behind the film has founded the nonprofit Imagination Foundation, with a mission to, "find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in kids." This year on October 6, the anniversary of the day Caine got his surprise arcade flash mob, the foundation is sponsoring the Global Cardboard Challenge.

For kids, of course, any day is a great day to go build something creative out of recycled materials. Adults might sometimes need a little push. There are worse motivations than a charity event to let your inner child to go town on a pile of cardboard boxes.

Imagination Foundation [official site, via The Atlantic]

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