That Multiplayer Castlevania Game Looks Pretty Real Now

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The impending release of a new, multiplayer Castlevania game called Harmony of Despair looks a lot more likely today, after a rating for the rumoured title turned up on Australia's Classification Board website.

It's been listed as an Xbox 360 title (most likely Xbox Live Arcade), and...that's about it. There's nothing new to add from what had been revealed a few weeks back, which suggests the game will support up to six players and that it's a classic side-scrolling "Metroidvania" title, which will please long-time fans of the series no end.


Given the timing of the classification, we should expect a full unveiling at E3, with a release hopefully not too long afterwards.

Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair Rated In Australia [Gamerbytes]

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I'm excited that there's a multiplayer Metroidvania game, but oi...

I've played SotN. Alucard's adventure is really cool. The gameplay mechanics of being able to swap weapons/equipment, shapeshift, have familiars and special weapon attacks, and have button-combo spells was a great, defining moment in "Metroidvania" history, I think; On top of that, SotN is (half) the reason why Metroidvania is even a term we use to describe these games! SotN is easily the best Castlevania game ever.

I've played Circle of the Moon, too. It was actually my first foray into a CV game with a whip-wielding character (Richter mode from SotN doesn't really count), as well as my first GBA game. Collecting those cards and mixing/matching them to create combos was cool and did something new and different that SotN didn't have.

I also played Harmony of Dissonance. I played it, I finished it, and I remember nothing of it other than how it can be finished in 25 seconds: []

The most recent (and fourth) CV I've played is Dawn of Sorrow. The fresh take on Castlevania's setting, what with the snow and stuff, was great. But, collecting souls and using them felt too much like CotM's card system. Switching weapons/equipment felt too much like SotN. That, and Soma containing Dracula's soul? That's got to be awkward with Alucard being there.

Now, I haven't played Portrait of Ruin or Order of Ecclesia so I don't know what those game mechanics play like, however... I don't think having Soma and Alucard both playable in the same game is a very good idea. I can only imagine it being like Castle Crashers, only set in Castlevania and without the isometric viewpoint. Oh, and I don't expect that players will be able to swap their gear around, like how Alucard can't in DoS's Julius Mode.