One of the things that makes Telltale's The Walking Dead video game tick is choice. Players get to make a series of both time-critical and leisurely decisions as the chapters go by. Everything from "who is Lee polite to" to "who gets to live and who dies horribly" is up for grabs, and the game tracks those choices from chapter to chapter.

More fun than making choices, though, is arguing about them. You picked who to live? You did what with that axe? But I thought it was obvious what was the right choice there, you mean you didn't take it?

Some decisions in episode two, "Starved for Help," clearly had more universal outcomes than others. Players seemed more in agreement than they did in Episode one, but some decisions were closer to split.

The one I'm most glad to find myself in the majority on? Being in the 65% of players who warned Clementine in time. I think she'll probably grow up scarred enough as is; no reason to add that one to her plate.

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