Thanksgiving in Japan?

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Are Luke Skywalker And Jabba The Hutt Friends Or Something? He will always be Mister The Hut in my book. Happy Turkey Day!!! (A day early) Gobble, gobble, gobble. Do you even attempt to celebrate Thanksgiving in Japan or do you just give it a pass? Last Thanksgiving Trish, Tristan and I were in Australia and I offered to cook up a big T-Day meal for the family and some of their friends all by my lonesome. Typically that's not a problem. I often am the one cooking the Thanksgiving dinner (Trish is a vegetarian), but the thing is finding a sizable turkey in Australia wasn't so easy. Then, I had to find all of the ingredients for all of the side dishes. The hardest thing to find, it turned out, was the stuffing. I ended up buying a corn bread mix thingie, and then I just winged it. Turned out fantastic. Man, today was super busy and, despite the holiday, it looks like tomorrow is going to be just as packed. Included in the line up: a DS cooking video, a Black Friday shopping guide, a review, our normal cornucopia of news and culture items and, I'm hoping, our first group video podcast. YAY!What you missed: MORE Amazon Black Friday Deals, Now With DS Resident Evil 5 360 Co-Op Demo Next Week GameStop's Holiday Game Picks Eidos Sorry About that Whole Fun-Killing Wii Tomb Raider Glitch Even Nexon America Is Doing Up Black Friday Game Crazy's Black Friday Ad Elicits Thrills, Chills The iPhone Gaming Gift Guide Castlevania Judgment Review: You Don't Belong In This World Xbox Live Marketplace Gets Black Fridayed THQ Struggling With PS3 Development, Cancels Destroy All Humans! Funde Razor Goes Tri-City: Adds San Fran to New York, Denver Mix



I'm grilling a turkey on my BBQ because the house I'm renting doesn't have an oven. I have my Japanese girlfriend over and I'm trying to explain the concept of all the side dishes (mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.) but all she really understands how to cook are the cans of green beans.

Yeah, she's never had turkey before. Hope I don't F it up