Thanks to Video Games, Someone Pretended That Frank Zappa and Beck Were WWE Pro Wrestlers

The video website Vimeo is a good place to find video game trailers, clips of people flying Wii Remote-powered drones and people having Kinect mishaps. It's a place where folks upload their create-a-wrestler for WWE video games. That brings us today's random finding: the work of one Tommy Else, who used WWE Raw 2 a 2003 Xbox game that had Bill Goldberg on the cover, to create some celebrity wrestlers.


Freshly uploaded in the last 24 hours, for you to enjoy...

First up, singer-songwriter Beck.


This is Frank Zappa.

We've got TV and radio host Jim Rome.


Here's the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan.


The artist himself.

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Is there even another soul on this site that listens to Frank Zappa?