Last week I set Kotaku's Photoshop-savvy readers loose on editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo's vacation pics, welcoming him back with countless images of his heavily-modified face. He should be overjoyed with the results.

Another 'shop contest, another amazing batch of entries, and while there was just something about uscg_pa's Totilo/Mario swap than made me happy, each one of this week's entries deserves awkward hugs and nervously muttered praise.

But mainly the entries below.

HuemanTarget — for the Wes Anderson.

Malakief — for the Oscar memories.

Matt B — because pretending no one noticed makes me happy.

JustWaitingForAMate — for finding him.

Steven Long — because that sure wasn't all of them.

Clutchy — for mixing it up.

mulled0220 — for all the seaman.

keyakoo — for fish heads, switch heads, Stephen Totilo fish heads.

Amarian — for even more Nemo.

Slade — for showing us his Pokemans.


Parappa gotta believe — for disbelieving.

KingHippo — for TOTILLO-Y!

Ginger Snap — for Megalotillodon.

mac46 — for getting it just about right

[A] — for Megablueguy.

arniejolt — for oh no, there goes Totilo.

Brandon0151 — for effective hunting strategies.

Ganonthegreat1 — for pointing those out.

sciteach — for the greetings.

GiantBoyDetective — for making me wish this was a real game.

Ellen J Miller -- for what's his face.

theomeganerd — for next-gen Totilo.

Keka — for the snack.

Who Ever — for accurately representing a Gawker vacation.

and of course...

uscg_pa — for playing to win.