Thank Goodness: Octodad Sequel on PS4 Uses PS Move Motion Controls

I don't always enjoy motion controls, but if there's one game that I feel shouldn't be without them, it's the one where you control a wildly flailing octopus masquerading as a human husband and father of two.

Young Horses COO Kevin Geisler confirmed on the PlayStation Blog this weekend that Octodad: Dadliest Catch will indeed support the PlayStation Move controller on PS4. He said motion control is something they've wanted to add to the game for some time.

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"You, too, can flail your arms like an octopus," he wrote. "Since Octodad is a game about wiggling your tentacles in 3D space, involving the player’s body has always seemed like a perfect fit. Controlling Octodad’s limbs 1-to-1 feels natural, and luckily doesn’t dampen his wacky movements."

By holding down different buttons, you can use a single Move controller to control Octodad's various leg- and arm-tentacles. And naturally traditional controls using the DualShock 4 will still be an option. Octodad: Dadliest Catch is due out next year.

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Was I the only one who found the first Octodad absolutely terrible. Since when are terrible controls the selling point for a game e_e