There are universal markers for the restrooms. There is also a universal sign for when you really, really need to take a leak. Sometimes, Thailand gets both in toilet signs.

Earlier today, the photo department for respected Japanese newspaper Nikkei tweeted out the above image from Bangkok restrooms, noting that the signs look "terribly...urgent."


Over the years, other visitors to Thailand have also noticed that a few, but certainly not by any means all, of the country's toilet signs have to urinate. Like now.

[Photos: emanate28jpn]

[Photos: miragesdreamylife]

[Photo: tktktktk0004]

[Photo: zoqy]

[Photo: triptouch]

[Photo: WoShiiHY]

Wait a second. Something else entirely is going on with this last sign. Like maybe you can't walk on the floor?

すごく…切実です… [nikkeiphoto]

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