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Thailand Bans More Games In Wake Of GTA Inspired Killing

Illustration for article titled Thailand Bans More Games In Wake Of GTA Inspired Killing

Thailand's Ministry of Culture, fully swept up in the hysteria that has followed an allegedly Grand Theft Auto-inspired murder, has officially banned five "dangerous" games, according to a report from CNET. The Technology Thailand blog writes that the following titles are no longer to be sold or distributed under the threat of legal action: Hitman, 300: The Video Game, Killer 7, Hitman: Blood Money and 50 Cent: Bulletproof. Yes, all the hot, hot titles all the kids are into three years ago. Curiously, Grand Theft Auto titles don't appear to be on the "banned" list. It cannot, however, be imported or distributed due to its dangerous status. The Thai government is also spearheading a vague 90-day effort to protect impressionable youth from "dangerous games" and establish regulations for pay-to-play gaming centers that feature such titles. We wish them the best of luck in figuring out whatever the hell they think they're doing. Thai Ministry of Culture wages war on gaming [CNET via GamePolitics]


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balls187 upside yo head

Thailand: We ban video games, but feel free to come here and fuck little kids.