Tetris Speedruns Remain Hypnotizing

The only thing more enjoyable than seeing the reactions of speedrunners KevinDDR and ApertureGrillz at the end of this new world record for Tetris: the Grandmaster 2 Plus is watching all of those pieces fall into just the right places.


Please do watch this video, recorded earlier this week when they set the record. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching all those tetrominoes fall into place at super speed, especially when it feels like the runners have made a mistake. (They haven’t.)

Hypnotizing, isn’t it? Watching this video is like scratching an itch, or drinking a nice cool glass of water when you’re parched, or getting a Tetris in the video game Tetris.

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Holy shit, burn the witch!

As always, watching people who have mastered a craft, a sport, or a game makes me feel equal parts awe and useless.