Click to view During today's second round of Nintendo press conference and gaming hands-on, Nintendo of Amercia unveiled two new titles headed to the Wii through its download channel WiiWare. Tetris Party will include a cooperative mode, a competitive mode as well as traditional modes. You can also use the balance board to play the game. Leaning left to right on the board moves the piece, squatting turns the piece and tilting backwards and forwards speeds the drop. The game's shadow mode offers puzzles, and a climber mode that has you working to build to the roof. Finally stage racer has you controlling a single piece as you try to move it down through a rising wall of pieces. It's like a maze, it's pretty cool. The Hudson Soft game will hit the Wii "very soon" for 1,200 Wii points.In Boingz you play as stretchy little jelly dudes in a 2D adventure. Gamers use the Wii remote to grab and stretch the characters to flick them across the stage. The physics based game offers players multiple solutions to the game's many puzzles which typically involve saving other boinks. It's meant to be "casual friendly" though there is also a time challenge for more hardcore gamers. The game is being developed by Ninja Bee, but no price or date were announced. They wrapped things up by saing that the much anticipated 2008 Independent Games Festival winner World of Goo is hitting oct 13 on the WiiWare channel. AJ Glasser


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