Tetris in Reverse Looks and Sounds Positively Dreamy

Coming November 15 to iOS, Dream of Pixels looks like a beautiful watercolor Tetris clone. Look closer and everything starts falling apart quite wonderfully.


Sighted this morning via the newly-launched Slide DB (it's working, guys!), Dream of Pixels is all about unpacking lines of neatly-stacked tetromino blocks, tapping on shapes to send them falling off into nothingness. Just watching the trailer I can feel years of pent-up stacking tension slipping away. So lovely.

Dream of Pixels is the work of independent developer Dawn of Play, the team behind nothing I've ever heard of. Well, until now. I expect to see their name a lot come November 15, when the walls come tumbling down.


Multi-player could be interesting...how about player two gets the blocks that player one is sending down in a traditional tetris mode?