Tetris Giant Is Like Regular Tetris, But GIANT

What would happen if Sega combined classic puzzle video game Tetris with the classic concept of making things exactly the same, but really huge? Tetris Giant would happen.


Tetris Giant, which features giant tetrominoes and giant joysticks, was just one of many brilliant innovations on hand at the IAAPA 2009 show in Las Vegas last week, a show expertly covered by arcade coverage experts Arcade Heroes. Trust us, you've never seen a Tetris like this before, because it's bigger than previous versions.

Also on hand at the show are highlights like the Excite Truck-like Hummer arcade game (also from Sega), the remade Daytona USA known generically as Sega Racing Classic and the brilliantly named Tank! Tank! Tank! That last one is apparently Namco's spiritual successor to competitive arcade classic Tokyo Wars.


For more coverage of the IAAPA show, which features even more deluxe arcade cabinets upon which to sit, hit up Arcade Heroes.

More IAAPA 2009 videos – Tetris Giant, Hummer, Twisted (+ NASCAR 2 news) & more [Arcade Heroes]

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You call that a giant tetris? THIS is a giant tetris: [www.ebaumsworld.com]

(unfortunatelly I couldn't find the extended version)