Test Audiences Love Prince of Persia Movie

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Before Hollywood releases movies, they show the films to test audiences to see what they think. If the test audiences hate the picture, changes will be made. If not, then everything's gravy. How did the Prince of Persia screening fair?


According to film producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the movie is screening great — no, better than great. Greater than great! Says the producer, "What we found when we tested the movie a few weeks ago, and it tested extraordinarily high which surprised me because I always think these things are going to fail but this one turned out great; the women were a surprise because I thought we made a terrific movie for the boys because the girl is beautiful but the women flipped over this film."

Continuing, he adds, "I've never had a score where the parents, there is violence, too, because it's PG-13, but the parents rated the film a hundred percent with an excellent or very good which has never happened before. So it's one of these movies that we know they'll take their children to go see it which is a huge advantage for a film, that parents can say, 'Hey, it's cool. My kid can see it.'"

Even jaded old me must admit, that trailer looks pretty cool.

News: Interview: Prince of Persia Producer Jerry Bruckheimer And Creator Jordan Mechner [Latino Review]



Hahaha, he thinks women don't watch things just for the attractive men..... "We have a hot chick so guys like it... but why do the women like it? Hmmm."

Really? You would really say that and pretend that Jake Gyllenhaal is just a random dude who isn't attractive and has no way of capturing the lady's eyes? HA.

That's one of the biggest jokes I've ever seen. #princeofpersia