Terraria Meets Borderlands in FortressCraft2d

ProjectorGames, creators of one of the best-selling Xbox Live Indie MineCraft clone FortressCraft, are going in a different direction with FortressCraft2D: sideways.


A far cry from the 3D building game that sold like gangbusters in the XBLIG channel, FortressCraft2d is a 2D zombie survival game that leans heavily on procedural generation of worlds and weapons to keep the experience fresh and new every time it's played. There's a definite Terraria vibe here, with a little Borderlands thrown in for good measure.


This is a community-driven game, so much so that they've gone and shared the design doc, which covers everything from inception to merchandising potential. And don't mention ripping off other games — he's got slapping people that do on his todo list.


FortressCraft2D : Zombie Survival [IndieCity Underground]

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Why is everyone getting so hot and bothered about this post?

I thought the game looks like a bit of fun - especially for the grand price of $3.

I enjoyed Terraria....to a point...then I got fucking bored out of my mind with it.

This looks like a more action focused variant.

Seriously - why do people on gaming forums get so worked up about such small things? Must go with the territory I guess... not enough physical exercise or human interaction so the only way to vent all their social frustration is to use posts on Kotaku and Steam forums as an outlet.