Ten World of Warcraft Expansion Ideas

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Less than a week before the upcoming announcement of World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion, everyone’s trying to figure out what its theme will be. Something related to the movie? Pirates and naval battle? The Burning Legion’s invasion of Azeroth? More orcs?

Whatever it is, there’s still plenty of untapped potential in WoW’s lore and despite the drop in subscriber numbers it’s still the most popular MMO out there. EverQuest has 21—smaller—expansions, just for comparison, so most likely WoW will have a few more too in the coming years. Bellular compiled a list of ten possible future ideas featuring Titans, Old Gods, The Burning Legion, The Scourge and a lot more. They’re all really cool:

Give me all of these:

  1. The Other Side of Azeroth
  2. The South Seas
  3. The Emerald Dream
  4. Invasion of Argus
  5. Xoroth
  6. Return of the Titans
  7. A New Scourge
  8. The Great Dark
  9. Nerubians & Qiraj
  10. The Legion Invades

I’d personally love to see a South Seas theme with pirates, naga and Zandalari trolls, but after Mists of Pandaria’s The Siege of Orgrimmar patch and Warlords of Draenor, anything without orcs and spikes would be just fine.


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Been waiting for an Emerald Dream expansion for years and years.