Some are easy to find, some are well hidden, but Azeroth and the surrounding worlds are big enough to have special places to which no quests direct you and that most players don't know. Nixxiom on Youtube collected 10 of them and their exact location on the map so that we can all find them.

Good to see the hidden farmlands near Khaz Modan and Arathi Highlands are on the list, I remember finding it back in vanilla and bringing all my buddies there to hang out, far from the noisy hubs of the game. It really felt special.

These are the places Nixxiom mentions in his clip:

  1. Maw of the Void in Darkshore
  2. Goblin Spa and Sea Resort in Southern Feralas
  3. Lake Dumont's little island in Northern Feralas
  4. Arathi Highlands' hidden farms
  5. Pandaria's secret aerie
  6. The critter war in Mulgore
  7. Elwynn waterfalls and its explosive sheep
  8. The hidden offshore gnome village in Tanaris
  9. The "WKM" room in Orgrimmar
  10. The Whispering Forest and its mystery.

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