Every Pok√©mon only has four move slots‚ÄĒand those slots are precious. You shouldn't waste your slots with useless moves. Especially not these moves.

TheJWittz teams up with competitive battler Shofu here to give you a top ten list of awful moves you should avoid at all costs. While you'll have to watch the video to hear the entire fascinating rationale for each one, the list includes the following moves:

  • Frustration (Who wants a move that requires your Pokemon to hate you?)
  • Metronome (Too random)
  • Bide (Makes you a sitting duck)
  • Present (high chance of healing your opponent)
  • Quash (It's double battle only, and it's barely useful even there)
  • Synchronoise (It's only useful on a few types of 'mon)
  • Kinesis (It's not even as effective as sandstorm)
  • Bestow (What pokemon isn't carrying an item?)
  • Constrict (So weak, it's not even as good as the move Bubble. That's saying something.)
  • Teleport (An item can perform the same function, and its the most annoying move for an Abra to have)


Admittedly, I have a ton of fun giving some of my Pokémon the move metronome...but that's against the computer. If I was playing against a person and actually wanted to win, then metronome isn't such a great idea. And yes, splash is left out of the list because it's almost a no-brainer.

For those of you curious about which moves you should teach, you might be interested in visiting websites like Smogon.

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